THE Ladies and their bags

3 Apr

It has to be the ultimate acknowledgement to have a bag named after you.

The Birkin Bag












Who does not remember the legendary scene from Sex and the City when Samantha Jones uses Lucy Luiu to get her hands on a red Birkin bag? Or when Rory in the Gilmore Girls gets a pink Birkin bag from her boyfriend, but does not know what it is? The Birkin bag has become a symbol of fortune and success. It is handmade and the material you can choose from is crocodile skin, calf leather, ostrich and lizard. It costs about $9,000 to $150,000, depends on the material and size. The bag is made by Hermès and is named after the French actress and singer Jane Birkin. There are long waiting lists for the bag and it is said that Victoria Beckham owns one in every color and size. To own a Birkin bag is really a dream. And for the prize of overwhelming $9,000 , it is a dream that today is far, far away. But who knows? Maybe one day I can write about the day when i got my Birkin? I sure hope so.















 Mulberry Alexa











The model and TV presenter Alexa Chung got her own Mulberry Signature bag, called Alexa. The bag comes in three sizes + a camera bag, clutch and wallet, and in many colors and fabrics. The most popular one is The Mulberry Alexa in Buffalo oak, as seen on the picture above. The bag became very popular in 2010 when celebrities like Olivia Palermo and all the top fashion bloggers was seen with the bag and there where long waiting lists to get it. The prizes is from 600€ for a mini, 940€ for the original and  1100€ for the oversized.














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